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                        EML4(E13)-ALK(E20) Fusion
                        EML4(E13)-ALK(E20) Fusion Reference Standard is a highly-characterized, biologically-relevant quality control material used to assess the performance of NGS, RT-PCR and RT-qPCR assays aimed at detecting gene fusions.


                        Update time:[2020-10-27]

                        EML4(E13)-ALK(E20) Fusion
                        Format RNA
                        Description N/A
                        Technical Data 
                        Left Gene EML4
                        Left Breakpoint chr2:42522656:+
                        Right Gene ALK
                        Right Breakpoint chr2:29446394:-
                        Junction Read Count 86
                        Buffer RNase-free H2O
                        Product Information
                        Intended Use Research Use Only
                        Unit Size 1ug
                        Concentration Download for COA
                        Purity Download for COA
                        RNA electrophoresis Download for COA
                        Sanger sequencing f7262fd6-faf9-432a-b39a-e7ebe4976116.png (630??140)
                        Storage -80℃
                        Expiry 12 months from the date of manufacture
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