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                        EML4-ALK(E6:A20) Translocation
                        The change in the position of a chromosome segment is called translocation. It is accompanied by changes in gene location. When a translocation occurs within one chromosome, it is called a shift or intrachromosomal translocation; when a translocation occurs between two homologous or non-homologous chromosomes, it is called an interchromosomal translocation.


                        Update time:[2020-10-28]
                        EML4-ALK(E6:A20) Translocation
                        Format DNA
                        Description N/A
                        Technical Data 
                        Left Gene EML4(E6)
                        Left Breakpoint chr2:424****6:+
                        Right Gene ALK(A20)
                        Right Breakpoint ch2:294****2:-
                        %AF 33.33%
                        Buffer Tris-EDTA
                        Product Information
                        Intended Use Research Use Only
                        Unit Size 1ug
                        Concentration Download for COA
                        Purity Download for COA
                        DNA electrophoresis Download for COA
                        Sanger sequencing Download for COA
                        Storage -20℃
                        Expiry 36 months from the date of manufacture
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