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                        CYP2C19*17 (100%) Reference Standard
                        With the deepening of pharmacogenomics research, the development of genetic polymorphism testing related to drug efficacy can provide genetic evidence for the clinical selection of appropriate drug types and drug dosages. To ensure the accuracy of the test, Cobioer has launched medication guidance categories. Related standards.


                        Update time:[2020-10-29]


                        CYP2C19*17 Reference Standard
                        Format Genomic DNA
                        Description CYP2C19 (Cytochrome P450 Family 2 Subfamily C Member 19) is a Protein Coding gene. Diseases associated with CYP2C19 include Drug Metabolism, Poor, Cyp2c19-Related and Voriconazole Toxicity.
                        Technical Data 
                        Gene CYP2C19
                        AA Change N/A
                        DNA Change NM_000769.1_c.-806C>T
                        Chr position (GRCh38) NC_000010.11_g.94761900C>T
                        Allelic Frequency 100%
                        Zygosity Homozygous
                        Product Information 
                        Intended Use Research Use Only
                        Unit Size 1ug
                        Concentration Download for COA
                        Purofication Download for COA
                        DNA electrophoresis Download for COA
                        Sanger sequencing a7926437-1613-4cf4-8fb5-e3affdc0dace.png (844??140)
                        Storage -20°C
                        Expiry 36 months from the date of manufacture
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