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                        Package-Ref? EGFR ctDNA Reference Standard
                        Contains a variety of common genes, involving Mutation, Translocation, CNV, quality control products for clinical tumor-related detection.


                        Update time:[2020-10-30]


                        Package-Ref™ EGFR ctDNA Reference Standard
                        Cat No. CBP90028
                        Format ctDNA
                        Name CDS change %AF Quantity Format Catalog ID
                        EGFR p.G719A Reference Standard Plus c.2156G>C 3.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10414-T3
                        1.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10414-T1
                        0.30% 1ug ctDNA CBP10414-T0.3
                        0.10% 1ug ctDNA CBP10414-T0.1
                        EGFR p.G719C Reference Standard Plus c.2155G>T 3.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10500-T3
                        1.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10500-T1
                        0.30% 1ug ctDNA CBP10500-T0.3
                        0.10% 1ug ctDNA CBP10500-T0.1
                        EGFR p.E746_A750delELREA Reference Standard Plus c.2235_2249del15

                        3.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10415-T3
                        1.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10415-T1
                        0.30% 1ug ctDNA CBP10415-T0.3
                        0.10% 1ug ctDNA CBP10415-T0.1
                        EGFR p.E746_A750delELREA Reference Standard Plus c.2236_2250del15 GAATTAAGAGAAGCA>- 3.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10418-T3
                        1.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10418-T1
                        0.30% 1ug ctDNA CBP10418-T0.3
                        0.10% 1ug ctDNA CBP10418-T0.1
                        EGFR p.L747_A750>P Reference Standard Plus c.2239_2248insTTAAGAGAAG>C 3.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10417-T3
                        1.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10417-T1
                        0.30% 1ug ctDNA CBP10417-T0.3
                        0.10% 1ug ctDNA CBP10417-T0.1
                        EGFR p.L747_P753>S Reference Standard Plus c.2240_2257del18 TAAGAGAAGCAACATCTC>- 3.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10419-T3
                        1.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10419-T1
                        0.30% 1ug ctDNA CBP10419-T0.3
                        0.10% 1ug ctDNA CBP10419-T0.1
                        EGFR p.A763_Y764insFQEA Reference Standard Plus c.2290_2291insTCCAGGAAGCCT 3.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10412-T3
                        1.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10412-T1
                        0.30% 1ug ctDNA CBP10412-T0.3
                        0.10% 1ug ctDNA CBP10412-T0.1
                        EGFR p.V769_D770insASV Reference Standard Plus c.2307_2308insGCCAGCGTG 3.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10407-T3
                        1.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10407-T1
                        0.30% 1ug ctDNA CBP10407-T0.3
                        0.10% 1ug ctDNA CBP10407-T0.1
                        EGFR p.D770_N771insSVD Reference Standard Plus c.2311_2312insGCGTGGACA 3.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10406-T3
                        1.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10406-T1
                        0.30% 1ug ctDNA CBP10406-T0.3
                        0.10% 1ug ctDNA CBP10406-T0.1
                        EGFR p.H773_V774insNPH Reference Standard Plus c.2319_2320insAACCCCCAC 3.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10411-T3
                        1.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10411-T1
                        0.30% 1ug ctDNA CBP10411-T0.3
                        0.10% 1ug ctDNA CBP10411-T0.1
                        EGFR p.S768I Reference Standard Plus c.2303G>T 3.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10405-T3
                        1.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10405-T1
                        0.30% 1ug ctDNA CBP10405-T0.3
                        0.10% 1ug ctDNA CBP10405-T0.1
                        EGFR p.T790M Reference Standard Plus c.2369C>T 3.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10402-T3
                        1.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10402-T1
                        0.30% 1ug ctDNA CBP10402-T0.3
                        0.10% 1ug ctDNA CBP10402-T0.1
                        EGFR p.C797S Reference Standard Plus c.2389T>A 3.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10341-T3
                        1.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10341-T1
                        0.30% 1ug ctDNA CBP10341-T0.3
                        0.10% 1ug ctDNA CBP10341-T0.1
                        EGFR p.L858R Reference Standard Plus c.2573T>G 3.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10408-T3
                        1.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10408-T1
                        0.30% 1ug ctDNA CBP10408-T0.3
                        0.10% 1ug ctDNA CBP10408-T0.1
                        EGFR p.L861Q Reference Standard Plus c.2582T>A 3.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10401-T3
                        1.00% 1ug ctDNA CBP10401-T1
                        0.30% 1ug ctDNA CBP10401-T0.3
                        0.10% 1ug ctDNA CBP10401-T0.1
                        Product Information 
                        Intended Use Research Use Only
                        Unit Size 1ug/vial * 60 vials
                        Concentration Download for COA
                        Purity Download for COA
                        DNA electrophoresis Download for COA
                        Storage -20°C
                        Expiry 36 months from the date of manufacture
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