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                        TMB Reference Standard
                        The TMB Reference Standard is a highly-characterized, biologically-relevant quality control material used to assess The performance of assays that detect somatic mutations, such as Sanger and qPCR sequencing assays.


                        Update time:[2020-11-09]


                        Tumor mutational burden (TMB) is the most promising genotyping biomarker for immuno-oncology (I-O) therapeutic response, but its clinical application depends on accurate, consistent measurement by targeted NGS panels.We are currently developing and delivering custom TMB reference standards.
                        Cat.No. ID TMB Value Method
                        CBP80001-1 tTMB-P1 5.37 WES
                        CBP80001-2 tTMB-P2 9.84 WES
                        CBP80001-3 tTMB-P3 12.41 WES
                        CBP80001-4 tTMB-P4 21.09 WES
                        CBP80001-5 tTMB-P5 27.15 WES
                        CBP80001-6 tTMB-P6 8.98 WES
                        CBP80001-7 tTMB-P7 6.83 WES
                        CBP80001-8 tTMB-P8 27.15 WES
                        CBP80001-9 tTMB-P9 N/A WES
                        CBP80001-10 bTMB-P1 22.91 WES
                        Detail for WES
                        捕獲探針: IDT xGenExome Research Panel v1.0
                        測序儀型號: HiSeq X-TEN
                        測序深度: 500x
                        計算方式: 請聯系我們
                        原始數據下載: 請聯系我們
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